Amazon!! GRRR!

I may well be in the minority here but there is one thing that annoys me. I buy most of my new books from Amazon because we have prime and because their prices are good. But, I am starting to get fed up with some of my books arriving bashed. I do have a second hand book addiction and will accept all sorts of spots, writing and knocked bits on those books but if I buy a brand new edition, it has to be perfect.


As you can see my new copy of The Mars Room is not perfect. Look at the bottom of the dust jacket!! I could send it back and complain but that’s not going to happen now that I have read the first few pages. So, Dear Amazon, you’re great, but please can you pack my books carefully. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Amazon!! GRRR!

  1. I remember ordering a new copy of The Night Circus, and when it came it had a dent and hole in the dust jacket. Not something I wanted for a first edition book I’d planned to keep on my shelf. I feel your pain.


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