Spectacles – Sue Perkins

418XaUxDpVL._AC_US436_QL65_Sue Perkins is one half of Mel and Sue, the female duo who co-hosted The Great British Bake- Off for many years. I’m a fan but I don’t normally read autobiographies as I’m just not that interested in how TV presenters and actors got where they are today. It’s just another job and they are usually normal people. However, my daughter is a big fan of Sue and read her autobiography this summer on holiday. She said it was funny and well worth a read, so I put it on my shelf and forgot about it until I was booking tickets for us to see Sue Perkins Live. My daughter was keen to go and hear her talk about her new book.

The evening was really good. It was in the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, Sue was interviewed by her partner of six years (Anna Richardson), she read from her new book, there was a Q and A session and a bit of stand up, which was very, very funny. Sue’s humour is typically British and self deprecating but she also told some hard hitting tales of the poverty she had seen in her latest travels. Her new book East of Croydon, is a travel memoir based on the TV documentary series The Mekong River. She also said she was flying to Japan in five days to film a new travel series. It sounded good.

41LwP53VoML._AC_US436_QL65_To get back to her book, Spectacles is funny. It is a light hearted romp through her life. She’s just had a normal life with all the ups and downs that many other people have but she makes you smile and it feels real, apart from a couple of places I’m sure she was exaggerating for emphasis, but I’ll let her away with that. I’m going to recommend this as the perfect sitting by the pool with a cocktail book. It will make you laugh, maybe even shed a couple of tears in places but you will finish it wanting to read more of her escapades. Luckily, I have a shiny copy of her new book to do just that.



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